FESTIVALS AT SEASet sail for the thrill of a lifetime!
Intrepid Fleet Week CelebrationPerform on board the flight deck of the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier
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General Transportation Information:

Transportation costs are not included in the package rates offered on this website. You may elect to coordinate your own roundtrip transportation or advise your Travel Planner about your transportation needs. As another service to our clients, “Festivals at Sea” has developed a relationship with various transportation providers nationwide in order to provide our groups with the lowest motorcoach, train and commercial and/or charter airline rates available. We do not require full payment at the time of booking and will work the transportation cost into your package payment schedule.

Airport Transfers:

Roundtrip Airport Transfers are not included in the cruise price. They may be purchased directly with the cruise lines ranging from $35.00 to $60.00 per person depending on port. Based on the size of your group, it may be more economical to have your own transportation arranged to and from the port. Local Transfers may be purchased through our office or you can have your Travel Planner coordinate this for you.

When booking on your own:

…and arriving by AIR: It will be necessary to make arrangements for local transportation during your stay. When making your own arrangements, make certain you provide a detailed itinerary to the bus company in order to get a specific cost for their services.

…and arriving by MOTORCOACH or PRIVATE VEHICLE: These vehicles are responsible for providing all transportation services during your stay. The group is responsible for making hotel reservations and payment for bus driver rooms. Drivers will not receive complimentary hotel rooms, meals, cruise or attraction tickets. It is your responsibility to provide a detailed itinerary to your transportation providers once you receive the final itinerary from our office.

Motorcoach Transportation Tips

Please make certain you provide a detailed itinerary to the bus company in order to get a specific cost for their services.
Always clarify with the bus company who is responsible for the cost of the bus driver(s) room and meals, and budget accordingly.
Ask for references from groups who have recently traveled with the bus company you are considering and check them out with the Better Business Bureau.
Time permitting, have a representative from your group inspect the bus(es) prior to placing a deposit.
Be aware of the Department of Transportation (DOT) driving regulations. A driver can be on duty a maximum of 15 hours (10 hours driving) per day. They must have at least 8 hours of rest before resuming duty. This is important when scheduling your arrival and departure times.

Charter Flight Tips:

When booking a charter flight, the group is responsible for the payment of every seat on the plane, regardless of it being used or not.
When booking your charter flight, inquire about the maximum additional costs the group may incur due to fuel increases, taxes or facility charges.
Ask airline exactly how much luggage and equipment can be carried on the plane. Cargo areas vary in size and carry-on restrictions vary as well.

Commercial Airline Tips:

When submitting your passenger list, the airlines now require a secure flight manifest.  Please make sure to submit each person’s legal name as it appears in their ID along with date of birth and gender.
We suggest you call the airline 12-24 hours prior to departure to check for delays and/or gate changes and arrive at least 2 hours prior to check-in.
Attach name tags to all checked bags. If you have over-sized luggage, contact airline prior to departure to confirm size limitations.
Most airlines now provide electronic tickets even for groups.  In case you do have paper tickets, it is strongly recommended you collect group tickets upon arrival and hold them until your departure.
Airlines (with the exception of a few carriers) are now also charging checked bag fees.  Please check with your airline in advance of travel regarding the appropriate fees.  In most cases the fee is $25.00 for the first checked bag and $35.00 for the second; these fees are per person.
For instrumental groups traveling by air, an equipment truck or charter motorcoach to transport luggage and instruments to and from the airport and performance venues may be needed.